Weekly Tip – 2/6/15

Weekly Tip: Be creative!

Today I want you to think about the things you do to practice your Spanish. Perhaps you read the news or books, maybe you use a grammar workbook or Duolingo, maybe you watch telenovelas or movies. Those are all great ways to learn. But now it’s time to get creative.

One of the best ways to do this is by thinking about all the things you do in English every day or every week and change 5 of those to Spanish.

For example:

1 – Start using the ATM or the Self-Checkout in Spanish

2 – Write your grocery list or to-do list in Spanish

3 – When you post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., under whatever you write in English, write it in Spanish as well

4 – Sing in the shower (obviously you would have to learn a song in Spanish first) or talk to yourself in Spanish

5 – Do your food shopping at Pancho Villa or North Gate

The reason that it’s very important to get creative is because at some point you need to STUDY less Spanish and simply USE more Spanish. It’s the only way to become fluent, if that is your goal. So keep studying, but get creative and find new ways to bring Spanish into your every day life 🙂

So what 5 things are you going to start doing in Spanish?