Private or group classes?

Private or group classes?

I often get asked if it’s better to take private classes or group classes.  My answer varies depending on the situation.

If you’re taking a traditional class, based on bookwork I would definitely say private classes are better.

However, if you are taking Spanish immersion conversation classes like the ones that we offer at Pura Buena Onda, both have their advantages.

The advantage of a private class is that 100% of the time is dedicated to you and the class can be tailored to suit your needs.  This may help you accomplish your goals faster.

The advantage of a group class is that you will talk about things that would have never occurred to you and you will end up with a broader vocabulary.  You also have the advantage of learning from others in a fun, social setting, with the possibility of meeting lifelong friends with similar interests.

The truth is that they both have their advantages.  To get the best of both worlds you can certainly combine them by taking both a group class and a private class or switching class types from time to time!