Make each Spanish class count!

Make each Spanish class count!


¡Hola chicos!  ¡Feliz viernes!  Me imagino que ya están listos para el fin de semana 🙂

Last week I spoke to you about getting the most out of your classes with Pura Buena Onda, by taking advantage of everything we offer.  This week I want to talk about getting the most out of each of your Spanish conversation immersion classes at PBO.  There are a several things you can do in class specifically, that will help you learn and advance at a more efficient rate.

No pic inglich!  Aka, Don’t speak English in class!
(My grandmother used to say “no pic inglich” and I still find it amusing, sorry).  
So…really, don’t speak English in class!  If your goal is to eventually be able to think in Spanish without translating, the best thing you can do to prohibit your mind from thinking in Spanish, is to use English.  The best thing you can do for your Spanish is to use whatever words you have to express yourself, accepting the fact that you may not be able to use the same words you would use in English.  Baby steps.  Start out just communicating the thoughts in whatever words you already know (description and examples work great when you don’t know a word), and as you learn more and more, you will become more precise.

Jump in to conversations!
There is this amazing phenomenon that occurs with close-knit groups…they advance at a much faster pace.  These are the groups that have good chemistry, therefore they are not waiting to be addressed by the teacher to speak, nor are they taking over the conversation and not letting anyone else speak…these are the groups that are interacting with each other, everyone actively listening to the others speak (not thinking about what they’re going to say next), jumping in and asking questions of the others, keeping the conversation going, etc..  Think of experiences that you have had with your friends.  The best ones are usually the ones where everyone is actively participating in the conversation.  They are the most fun and definitely the best for learning purposes!

Repeat when you’re corrected!
This is very important in a conversation class!  When you study in a more academic setting there is a lot of repetition.  When you take a conversation class, there is much less, which means that you need to create your own.  Every time that you’re corrected, stop, go back and repeat the correction (instead of saying “uh-huh” and continuing your story).  If you can, write it down the correction as well and go over it when you get home.  Which leads me to…

Take notes!
I highly recommend that you write down new vocab and take notes when you are corrected.  When you get home I would recommend reading through it all out loud and then again maybe every other day for the rest of the week.  If you have time, you could even sit down and write some sentences with the 5 most useful words you learned in the last class.  

Bueno chicos, I hope that helps you get the most out of each class @ PBO!

I hope to see you all at the social club event on Sunday….