What the heck is a linked verb?


¡Hola chicos!  Espero que hayan tenido una linda semana 🙂

This week we are looking at linked verbs, per Amy G.’s request in level C1.  Any wanted to know more about these verbs.

I found a great lesson that sums it up quite well: http://users.ipfw.edu/jehle/courses/VRBSPREP.HTM

As far as tricks to remember these Amy, I would recommend learning these as you would an expression rather than a word.  For example:
Acabar = to finish
Acabar de = to have just done something (acabo de ir – I just went -or- acaba de regresar = he/she just returned).

And as with everything else you learn in Spanish, using these phrases will help you learn them and use them properly 🙂


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