Do you feel more like a prickly pear or like eggplant?

Do you feel more like a prickly pear or like eggplant?


¡Hola chicos!  Feliz viernes 🙂

This week in our blog…some unusual sayings!

When I told someone this week not to be a sweet potato and they screamed “what???” I laughed until I snorted and then realized just how many sayings we have in Chile that are related to food.  

In my family we use these weekly:

Ser camote = To be a sweet potato = To be a pain in the ass.  My mother would often say “Carola, no seas camote.”

Sentirse como las berenjenas = To feel like eggplants = To feel like crap.  Por ejemplo: Estuve enferma durante las vacaciones.  Me sentí como las berenjenas por más de una semana.

Sentirse como tuna = To feel like a prickly pair = To feel amazing.  Por ejemplo: Dormí muy bien anoche.  ¡Me siento como tuna!

Creerse el hoyo del queque = To feel like the hole in the cake = To feel superior to others.  Por ejemplo:  Estoy bastante segura que nuestro nuevo presidente se cree el hoyo del queque.

Bueno, there you have it…some fun Chilean sayings!

Nos vemos la próxima semana 🙂



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