Books for B2- 1/20/17

Books for B2- 1/20/17

Welcome back to all of our returning students and a big warm welcome to our new students!  We are excited to have you with us in 2017!

This week in our blog…a response to a question asked by one of our students!

Question: Ben K. from B2.5 asked:  This isn’t really a question “about Spanish,” but I would like some recommendations for books to read depending on one’s level. The lists I’ve found on Google have not been helpful.  
He asked for suggestions for Intermediate Level 1 & 2.

Answer: If you’re in Intermediate 1 (B1) my answer would be different from a student in Intermediate 2 (B2).  It would also be different for a student who just started B2 than for a student who has been in B2 for a while and wants to move into B3.  The reason – the goals are different.

So, I will answer this question for you Ben, where you are at, which is just starting in B2.5.


If you haven’t read much in Spanish before, I would recommend young adult books, biographies, books about travel, etc.; basically non-fiction because they are easier to follow (more direct).  I would also highly recommend magazines about subjects that interest you.  Adri specially likes  There is a good list of young adult books here, many part of a series, which makes them more fun to read and easier to follow in the long run:  You may also want to try books that have been written in English and translated, as they are easier.


If you have some experience reading books in Spanish, I would recommend making the switch to young adult books originally written in Spanish (you can find some on that list).  If you have a lot of experience reading in Spanish and find the young adult books too easy, you can switch to books written for adults, by native Spanish speakers.  In this category it’s really up to you what you would read – it depends on your taste.


Octavi mentioned and I second this, that what is most important is that you read something that interests you.  It can be a book, it can be a magazine or a newspaper, whatever…but if you have no interest in what you’re reading, your reading adventure will come to an abrupt halt very soon.


I hope that this has answered your question.  If it has not, please feel free to fill out the form 🙂

That’s it for today chicos!

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