PBO’s Spanish Tip of the Week (11/7-11/13/16)

PBO’s Spanish Tip of the Week (11/7-11/13/16)

Hola chicos,
Buenos días ☺

I woke up this morning thinking about a conversation I had with an ex-student last week. This student decided not to continue with our classes this year because he was uncomfortable taking about himself and felt we did too much of it in class.

So why do we do this? Because when you’re learning vocabulary that is pertinent to your life, you’re much more likely to remember it than if you’re learning random words that mean nothing to you.
Let’s take a list of vegetables for example. Let’s say that you decide to study a list of 20 vegetables. What do you think your chances are of remembering the names of the 20 veggies in a few weeks? But if you tell us about an amazing or horrible lunch that you had last week and ate the most awful/wonderful brussel sprouts ever, you’re much more likely to remember the name for coles/repollitos de Bruselas. When you learn something that has some kind of personal meaning to it, you’re much more likely to remember it as well as to enjoy the experience (not to mention that connection, sharing with other human beings, is good for the soul).

So my tip for you today is to bring your life into your language learning as much as possible. Read articles that are significant to you, write in a journal about your day to day life, share your life stories with your classmates, and any time you have to come up with sentences of some sort for your Spanish homework, make sure that they are true ☺


PS It doesn’t mean you need to talk about yourself all the time either. You can share experiences that people in your life are having as well! If it’s connected to you in some way, it will make a difference in retention.