PBO’s Spanish Tip of the Week (10/31-11/6/16)

PBO’s Spanish Tip of the Week (10/31-11/6/16)

Hola chicos,
Buenos días ☺

The holidays are almost upon us! It’s that time of year when everything starts getting crazy and we toss our routine aside like a snot-filled Kleenex. We stop going to the gym, we start eating like pigs, we start drinking like frat boys, etc. So where does that leave Spanish?

My tip to you this week is to figure out a doable plan to squeeze in at least 5 minutes of Spanish per day, before the insanity starts in 2 weeks. Going 3-4 weeks without Spanish takes it’s toll, so figure out what will work for you. A few quickies that you could squeeze in daily:
– Journal about your day
– Talk to yourself
– Write all notes in Spanish – grocery lists, to-do’s, etc.
– Read a paragraph or 2 per day of a book, article, etc.
– Use Duolingo
There are many other possibilities, but the main thing is to have a plan so that you are not losing any Spanish over the holidays. Improving it does not need to be a priority, but maintaining it is a good option ☺