Pura Buena Onda’s Spanish Tip of the Week – 10/10-10/16/16

Pura Buena Onda’s Spanish Tip of the Week – 10/10-10/16/16

Hola chicos,

This week I would like to address quality versus quantity.

For many students, learning as much as they possibly can is their priority.  While it is fantastic to have a broad vocabulary, it is not going to help you too much if the people that you speak with do not understand what you are saying because of pronunciation, lack of accuracy, too many errors, etc.

My tip this week is for those students that need to concentrate on improving the quality of their Spanish rather than the quantity.  This especially holds true for many students who know enough to be in the next level, but are being held back until the teacher knows that someone who does not speak English will understand them.  When you’re speaking to your teacher we/they can often decipher what you’re trying to say because we/they are bilingual. But when you go to a Spanish-speaking country and the other person does not speak English, you need to make sure that they can understand what you are saying. 

So this week if you’re not sure if you are one of those students, ask your teacher if you need to work more on the quality of your Spanish or the quantity (how much you know) before being able to advance to the next level.

And for some of you the answer will be both. Not everyone is slanted more in one direction than the other.  This tip is really for those that know much more than the average person in their level, but who have not been able to advance due to the quality of their Spanish.

One more thing…if this is you, please don’t get discouraged.  All it means is that instead of concentrating on learning more Spanish, you will need to concentrate on improving what you already know 🙂

Do you lean more towards one area that the other?