PBO’s Spanish Tip of the Week (9/26-10/2/16)

PBO’s Spanish Tip of the Week (9/26-10/2/16)

Hola chicos,
As requested, here are a few more real common errors we’ve heard in class or seen on Facebook, all having to do with the subjunctive:

Don’t say: Pedí mi hijo limpiar su cuarto
Say: Le pedí a mi hijo que limpiara su cuarto
When one person asks another person that they do something, the subjunctive is used.

Don’t say: Espero que yo vaya a seguir mejorando.
Say: Espero seguir mejorando.
You do not need the subjunctive when you talk about yourself (unless you’re using ojalá).

Don’t say: Aunque no es perfecta
Say: Aunque no sea perfecta
Aunque is a subjunctive trigger, used to mean even though. In this case you’re saying something like “even though she may not be perfect…”

Don’t say: Ojalá terminen el piso y podemos caminar…
Say: Ojalá terminen el piso y podamos caminar…
Ojalá is a subjunctive trigger. In this case both verbs should be in the subjunctive, not just the 1st one, because you are saying: Hopefully they will finish the floor AND hopefully we can walk on it.

Don’t say: Cuando llego a mi casa…
Say: Cuando llegue a mi casa…
Cuando is a subjunctive trigger when talking about the future (but not the past).

Ok chicos, that’s it for this week!