PBO’s Spanish Tip of the Week (9/19-9/25/16)

PBO’s Spanish Tip of the Week (9/19-9/25/16)

Hola chicos,

As requested, here are a few more common errors, all having to do with being a few letters off:


Don’t say: aprendar
Say: aprender


Don’t say: San Diago
Say: San Diego
For some weird reason when people try to say San Diego in Spanish, they change the e to an a – the funny thing is that San Diego is already in Spanish J


Don’t say: aproximamente
Say: aproximadamente
Mente = ly in English. Ly has 1 syllable and mente has 2, which is why I think many students forget a syllable with mente words.


Don’t say: leción
Say: lección (pronounced lek sión)
When there are 2 cc’s in Spanish, the 1st one is always hard (like cat) and the 2nd one is soft (like Celine). If you pronounce only the soft one you come up with the word lesion instead of lesson.


Don’t say: mila
Say: milla
The L sound is just like in English, but the LL sound is very different. Depending on the region, it is pronounced like a Y, like the J in Justin (but a bit less strong) or like SH (Argentina & Uruguay). So milla could sound like miya, mija or misha, but never mila.


Ok chicos, that’s it for this week!