PBO’s Spanish Tip of the Week (9/5 – 9/11/16)

PBO’s Spanish Tip of the Week (9/5 – 9/11/16)

Hola chicos,

Here we go again with some of the most common errors made in Spanish class:

Don’t say: Mi amigo es corto
Say: Mi amigo es bajo
Bajo is used for a person’s stature. Corto also means short, but not for a person.

Don’t say: Quizás + present tense
Say: Quizás + subjunctive
Quizás is a subjunctive trigger. Por ejemplo: Quizás pueda ir mañana, NOT quizás puedo ir mañana.

Don’t say: solo or solamente for only one
Do say: único when it’s the only one
Ejemplos: Soy hija única (I’m an only child/the only one); Es el único auto que tengo (it’s the only car I have/the only one); Es el único artículo (it’s the only article/the only one)

Don’t pronounce: mila for mile
Pronounce it: Milla (sounds like miya or mija/j like Justin)
Remember that in Spanish LL has it’s own pronunciation, very different from the L sound

Don’t say: LA futura
Say: EL futuro
Although I often think the future is women, this is not a feminine word 😦

Ok chicos, that’s it for this week.  I’ll be back next week with 5 more common errors.