Modismos 2

• Pedir peras al olmo – An expression used for those who ask for the impossible.

• Estar en la edad del pavo – To be at that odd age when you’re going through puberty

• No saber ni jota de algo – To not have a clue about something / to not know anything about it

• Tomar el pelo – To pull someone’s leg

• Ser pan comido – To be a piece of cake

• Estar loco/a como una cabra – To be nuts/crazy

• No tener pelos en la lengua – To be a straight shooter & say it like it is

• Tirar la casa por la ventana – To go all out; to spare no expense

• Se me hace agua la boca – It makes my mouth water

• Es como echar agua al mar – It’s completely pointless

• Estar más sano que una pera – To be as fit as a fiddle

• Ser uña y carne – To be BFF’s / inseparable

• Tener más lana que un Borrego – to be loaded ($$$)

• De sol a sol – All day long / from sunup to sundown