Pura Buena Onda’s Spanish Tip of the week: 8/1 – 8/7/16

Pura Buena Onda’s Spanish Tip of the week: 8/1 – 8/7/16

¡Hola a todos y todas!

It’s me, Octavi. You don’t even have to say it, I know you missed me 🙂

Today I would like to talk about something we did as “tarea opcional” in class.

The assignment was to talk with a stranger for at least five minutes, in Spanish.

Many of the students were afraid of doing this assignment, and I understand why very well because I’ve been in that situation many times. So, you want to practice your Spanish with strangers but you are too afraid of approaching them?

The advice I gave to some students for that week’s “tarea” was, before you attempt to start up a conversation in Spanish with someone, to tell them that you need to talk to them in Spanish for your school’s assignment. It was true for that week, but you can keep using that to talk to anyone in the future too 🙂

When you do that, people are much less likely to switch to English with you, and they can engage in a longer conversation. It’s a perfect way to talk to random people in Spanish, plus you can say more than just “ ¿cuánto cuesta un taco de carne asada?” before the conversation is over.

I know it’s scary, but always remember: those Spanish speakers came here and had to learn English too. They know how it feels when you have to communicate in another language with a stranger, so no one is going to make fun of you because of your level or your mistakes; on the contrary, they will be pleased to meet someone who is learning their language.

Now, go out and use that Spanish! Who knows, you might make a new friend or even find romance 😉

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