90 Day Spanish Bootcamp Results – Week 1

90 Day Spanish Bootcamp Results – Week 1

On Monday 7/18 we started our annual 90-day Spanish Bootcamp.  We started with 16 students and we are down to 15.  Congratulations to the 15 students still remaining:

Alison Cone

B1 Thurs 2 pm

Anne Middleton

B1 Wed 6:45

Ben Kington

B2 Mon 6:45 pm

Beth Korkuch

B1.5 Wed 4:30pm

Carol Sunofsky

B1.5 Wed- 4:30

Carolina Finch

B3 Tue 10:00 am


B3 Wed 4:30pm

Eva Miller

B1.5 – Thur- 6:45pm

Kris DeMonsi

Thursday 615 Pm- B3

Natalie Pearl

A-1 Friday @ 2

Nora Shoen

Tuesday, 4:30, A2

Paul Sloman

Wednesday 10.00am

Roxie Hoffert

B1 – Mon – 4:30 PM

Ryan Ford

Wed @6:45

Stephany Farley

B2 – Mon – 6:45pm


When asked about their 1st week, this is what they said:

I’ve been slacking on studying Spanish outside and of class so it was good to get started again.
Mi primero semana fue difficult pero tan beneficial. Lo disfrute! La diferencia con Bootcamp es que hace me a practica en los Dias que estoy ocupado o cansado. El ejercicio hace al maestro.
¡Fue fabuloso!
¡Mi primera semana fue fantástico!
Mi primera semana fue excelente.
I feel as though I’m off to a great start. I am learning to balance the “extra Spanish” work along with my regular life. Honestly, I think it’s a matter of weaving the new into the ongoing if that makes sense. Really enjoying Doulingo.
Adding the daily conversation to my routine was a nice change as it works different skills than Duolingo. I’ve kept up with both so far every day but time will tell . . .
It is good. It is tough to find the time but I have made the effort.
Muy bien
Mi primera semana fue un poco difícil, pero demostró porque yo me inscribí por el Bootcamp. Yo pase el fin de semana en un mini-vacación con amigos; en otras circunstancias no hubiera salido de la fiesta para escuchar español o participar en Facebook, pero hice ambos cada día, y de verdad no fue duro. Espero que el Bootcamp me da la motivación para practicar absolutamente cada día.
Nice to get a routine going again
The weekends are hard! But listening in the car is a guaranteed way to squeeze it in.
It was harder than I thought! Need to keep working to make sure I have a good routine to support the effort.
Great! Did a lot on lyricstraing. Com as well:)


When we asked if they had any other comments to share, this is what they said:

Hay un neuvo Netflix Original llame Club de Cuervos. Es el primero Netflix Original en espanol. Para me es muy bueno. Yo intento a lo mira cada noche.
Me di cuenta de que mi comprensión ya ha mejorado 🙂
Me encanta la incorporación del “speaking buddy.” Me hace mucho más fácil hablar diariamente. ¡Gracias!
Me gusta hablando con Stephany. Nuestras conversaciones son buenas para aprender.
Most challengingfor me was the logistics of speaking Spanish with someone that I have never met before (speaking with someone I’ve met before in passing at a store, in the neighborhood, at a class, at my friend’s condo, etc is much more easily done).


Congratulations chicos!  At this point you have completed 8 of the 90 days…only 82 more to go!