Pura Buena Onda’s Weekly Tip: 0718-072416

Pura Buena Onda’s Weekly Tip: 0718-072416

¡Bienvenidos al blog!

Forget about your worries and be happy because Octavi is here 🙂 ¿Cómo están?

Wait a second; did someone say “good”?? What about “bien”? That’s better.

Jokes apart, this little introduction is an example of the topic we are going to cover today: English in class.

When we are talking often someone doesn’t know how to say something in Spanish so they just say the word or even a whole sentence in English. My advice is to avoid that as much as possible. In certain cases a teacher might ask the student to say the word in English when it’s hard to explain, but otherwise we should not use English in class. Now, how do we do when we don’t know how to say something in Spanish? There’s always a way!

For instance, we can use body language, or try to use an example sentence (ex: if we don’t know the word for “train”, we can move our arm up and down and say choochoo! or say: Puedo ir de San Diego a Los Angeles en carro, avión o ¿……..?).

Also, we can try to define the word is Spanish, (ex: Es un medio de transporte, una máquina para viajar. Hay muchas personas pero no es un avión.) and don’t worry about the correctness of your Spanish, it’s ok as long as you try; even if you say something like “máquina con gente, no avión, sonido “choochoo”!” :).

¿Todo bien? Don’t say “yes”! Say “sí” and have a great weekend!

Un abrazo,