Pura Buena Onda’s Spanish Tip of the Week (7/4-7/10/16)

Pura Buena Onda’s Spanish Tip of the Week (7/4-7/10/16)

¡Hola, queridos estudiantes! 

Your beloved Octavi is back! (Is it ok to say that about myself? 🙂 ). As you all probably know, the exercise for the next week is to talk about a topic or piece of news related to your community, neighborhood, city, state, country or, the world!

            Let me give you some advice before you start preparing it: don’t read the text you’re going to talk about in English. Yes, I’m pretty sure some of you already thought about doing that, and I’ll tell you why it’s not good.

            When you are learning a language, it is not only great to speak in that language, but also to read it. Well, you all might say: we know that! Indeed, but you probably read in Spanish when you’re just reading a book or the newspaper. However, for the excercice we are preparing it’s better to read the text in Spanish, look up the words you don’t know in the dictionary, and read it again to try to remember some of the vocabulary. This way, when we meet in class to discuss about the news we all read, you will already be familiar with the vocabulary you will need to talk about the topic you picked.

            We’re already looking forward to your stories for next week! ¡Buen fin de semana y besos a todos!