Pura Buena Onda’s Spanish Tip of the week (6/13 – 6/19/16)

Pura Buena Onda’s Spanish Tip of the week (6/13 – 6/19/16)

¡Hola a todo el mundo!

This week Octavi is back with more advice! Ok, so this time we’re going to focus on some things some of us tend to do when speaking in another language.

Obviously, regardless of our level of proficiency, there are going to be times (many times) when we don’t know the right conjugation of a verb, or a word, an expression, how to finish a sentence, etc. Some people will just block and stay silent because they rather stop than make a mistake. I know, we don’t want to make mistakes. When we speak in another language, we might feel unsure and uneasy; but let me tell you it’s much better to just say something than be quiet. It’s ok to make mistakes, we can’t learn without mistakes and, besides, no (good) teacher is going to make fun of a student who made a mistake! Something that many of us also do often is to just stop in the middle of a complicated sentence because we realize we don’t know how to finish it. my advice is: just try to finish it! it’s ok to say it wrong; trying is better than nothing at all and plus you’ll learn how to say more complicated sentences little by little.

In summary: Just talk! 🙂 Languages exist to communicate with other people. As long as you’re communicating, you’re doing a good job. Be comfortable with mistakes because they are part of speaking another language. I’ve been learning and speaking English since I was 8 and I keep saying so many things wrong! But it is fine, so keep calm and just habla en español!

Have a good weekend!