Pura Buena Onda’s Spanish Tip of the week: 5/2 – 5/8/16

Pura Buena Onda’s Spanish Tip of the week: 5/2 – 5/8/16

¡Hola a todos!

This is Octavi again. This week I’d like to share another tip on how to learn Spanish, or any other language for that matter. Today we are going to focus on the speaking.

I’m sure that at this point all of you know that the conversation is a key factor in the learning process. As I always say: you won’t learn to speak a language unless you speak it :). It might seem obvious, but I never get tired of saying it because I’ve met many people who believe that practicing a lot with an exercise book is going to help them to speak a foreign language. It sure does help, but it’s not enough.

Now, just speaking is great but I’d like you to try this: every now and then, when you learn a new word, expression or grammar, just try to find a way to use it at least once next time you speak in Spanish. You can also think about some verb tense or grammar that you usually don’t use. It should only be one or two things, and try to use them in the conversation. For example: lately I’ve been wanting to use more the vocabulary related to vegetables and fruits, so when I speak with a friend in a foreign language I just say: “you know, I have the feeling that recently I’m buying the same food in the supermarket every week, like for my salads I buy………….”. And then I ask them what they buy or whether they know any good recipe. This is just an example on how to push myself to use vocabulary. It’s just 5 minutes of the whole conversation, but hey! I already brushed up my veggie vocab :).

Now it’s your turn! See you next week!