Pura Buena Onda’s Spanish tip of the week: 4/25 – 5/1/16

Pura Buena Onda’s Spanish tip of the week: 4/25 – 5/1/16

Octavi is back!

This week I’d like to keep talking about how we can use TV to learn a language. Nowadays you don’t even need a TV set to watch shows or movies, so everyone can practice and learn through shows anytime and anywhere.

Last week I recommended watching cartoons to improve our vocabulary and basic grammar. Well, obviously many adults don’t like to watch cartoons all the time, and it’s ok to watch other programs on the TV. Now, my tip of the week is to watch all kinds of shows in Spanish; even the ones we usually don’t watch or are more challenging to us, like the news. Why? Because, as you all know, a language has different speeches and levels, and the kind of Spanish used in a gossip show is not the same kind of Spanish we hear when we watch a documentary in that language. Therefore, it’s important to watch all those different TV shows in order to be more familiar with all kinds of Spanish. 

I’m sure some people are not interested in telenovelas, and some other are not interested in talk shows, etc… Here’s what you can do: find a documentary, or telenovela, or news report that covers something you’re interested in. Let’s say you like fishing: look for news about fishing, documentaries about wild life in rivers, telenovelas where the background is a fishing competition, etc… You might love it! 

Expect more tips from me next week 🙂