Weekly Tip: Use it or lose it!

Weekly Tip: Use it or lose it!

Every week in class you learn a bunch of new things. So what do you do with all your new knowledge? Do your Spanish class notes go in your notebook, never to be seen again? Or do you do something with them?

The best advice I can give you is to make sure you are using what you learn in class, so that it sticks. If you hear it once or twice, you won’t remember it, but if you hear something new in class, write it down and then try to use it a few times that week.

This week we worked on the commands. It will give you a great excuse to order everyone around this week…just tell them that you’re practicing your Spanish 🙂

One more note: When you walk away from class with a list of 25+ new vocabulary words, pick a few that you are more likely to use again. I don’t recommend trying to learn 25 new words a week! That becomes a memorization exercise and they won’t stay permanently engraved in your brain.