Weekly Tip: Just spit it out!

Weekly Tip: Just spit it out!

The fear of making mistakes when learning a new language actually slows down the learning process.


Why is this? Well, many students do one of 2 things:

1 – They revert back to English to ask if what they want to say is in fact correct or

2 – They stop the flow of conversation to ask if they are correct


So why is this slowing down the learning process?

1 – Every time that you revert back to English, you are not allowing yourself to think in Spanish. Ultimately, this is the goal.

2 – Every time you stop the flow of conversation, you are stopping your communication skills from developing.


So what is the best approach to take?

The best approach is to simply say something as best as you can, with the vocabulary that you have, in 100% Spanish and allow your teacher to work their magic. Your teacher will correct you, will help you with the vocabulary you are missing and will make gentle suggestions for better ways to say things. When you take this approach, you are making progress in every aspect of learning Spanish, rather than slowing down the learning process.