Weekly Tip: TV is where it’s at!

Weekly Tip: TV is where it’s at!

Last week we asked you to watch an episode of a tv show in Spanish for homework. I know that many of our students don’t watch much television, but did you know that watching tv is one of the best ways to learn a language?

Here are a few tips:

1 – Find a show that you like and watch it regularly, at least once a week.

2 – Series are the best types to watch, because the stories build and they are easier to follow.

3 – Telenovelas are the absolute best type of shows to watch, because the story develops slowly and there is a lot of repetition, which is important for learning. Plus so many different situations are presented, that you will be exposed to a little bit of everything – action, romance, relationships, deceit, crime, you name it!

4 – While you’re watching, write down some new words or phrases that you hear repeated often and learn them.

5 – Some good places to find shows: