Weekly Tip: Homework is for practice, not perfection

Weekly Tip: Homework is for practice, not perfection

I noticed this week that a lot of students were disappointed that there were corrections that needed to be made for some of the 4 subjunctive sentences they came up with for the optional homework.

First, let me say that the subjunctive takes a tremendous amount of practice to master. There are 3 parts (deciding if you need it, deciding which of the 4 tenses to use, and conjugating) and it’s also very different from English.

The goal of the homework on any given week, is for you to practice your Spanish in some capacity, outside of PBO. The goal is not that you do it perfectly. Same goes for class. It’s ok to make mistakes, it’s how we learn.

So please don’t beat yourself up for not doing it perfectly. Instead, take a moment to pat yourself on the back for doing the homework in the first place! You rock!