90 Day Spanish Bootcamp – Week 2 Results

90 Day Spanish Bootcamp – Week 2 Results

Congratulations to the 8 students still participating in our 90 Day Spanish Bootcamp!

“Ana” / Anne M

Aly B

“Jederita” / Heather S (for the 2nd time this year!)

Stephany F – congratulations to Stephany for moving up from A2 to B1!!!

Nikki S

Carolina F

Katie O

Jeffrey T

This week we asked the students how it went this week, and if Week 2 was any easier than Week 1.

Here is what they said:

Yes, much easier–it’s more habitual now. I’ve already learned a handful of new words thanks to DuoLingo.

Aunque los fin de semanas son un poco mas ocupado, he encontrada el tiempo para practicar mi espanol todos los dias. Estoy muy orgulloso de mi mismo!

Si, esta semana fue mas facil que la semena pasada.
I don’t use Facebook often, but I am becoming a Duolingo addict! I also don’t have the opportunity to speak every day, except to myself, but I have realized my listening is improving. I listen to 107.3 in the mornings which is completely in Spanish, and every day I’ve been able to comprehend a bit more. Another plus is that my boyfriend’s mother texts me only in Spanish, so that really puts my brain (and dictionary) to work when I have to reply quickly 🙂

Week 2 was great, and I think much easier than week 1. I am really enjoying doing the conversación del día which I hadn’t really done before, and I am also getting much better at practicing speaking rather than just listening. Looking forward to more!

Fine. No.

Definitely easier than week 1! And I finally found a spanish podcast (for adult, native spanish speakers) that I can understand the bulk of and that’s been prettttty fun!

Week 2 went well! It’s just coming to me naturally now. And I’m in Tijuana as I write this– got to practice a ton with my husband’s family today 🙂