Weekly Tip: Consistency is key

Weekly Tip: Consistency is key

One of the best ways to improve your language skills is by being consistent. It is absolutely one the most important keys to learning a language…not verb conjugations, not learning new vocabulary, nothing specific other than being consistent with the time that you dedicate to it, very much like going to the gym. If you work out 2-3 times a month, you are really not going to make much progress. If you work out 1-2 times a week, the progress will be slow, but steady. If you work out 3-4 times a week, you will see results much faster, and so on.

Being consistent can be a challenge when life gets in the way. Here are a few tips:

1 – Make sure that going to class is actually a priority. Schedule everything else around it.

2 – Make time DAILY to practice your Spanish. 10 minutes is enough, but make sure it’s daily.

3 – Figure out some things that you have to do anyway and do them in Spanish instead. For example, grocery lists, using an atm machine or self-checkout register, ordering a burrito at a local taco shop, whatever!

Are you consistent with your Spanish?