90 Day Spanish Bootcamp Results – Week 1

90 Day Spanish Bootcamp Results – Week 1

Hola chicos,

On 9/15 we started our 2nd 90-Day Spanish Bootcamp this year.

We asked the students to tell us about their first week, if they had been able to make it a part of their daily routine and if they had found a schedule that worked for them yet.  Here are their responses:

It’s easier than I expected! I changed my settings on Facebook so that PBO’s posts appear first on my timeline so that I won’t miss a conversacion del dia or a weekly blog update. I try to answer the post as soon as I see it. I’ve also found a show that I enjoy- Gran Hotel. I’ve been watching Gran Hotel every day, speaking in Spanish with my husband more often, listening to Spanish radio and I even set my GPS and phone to be in Spanish.
The post in the daily blog really struck me because it’s been my goal for a while to be fluent. BUT- to see it broken down by numbers, I see how much effort it will take to be fluent. I’m thinking of redirecting my goal to be more about advancing within the levels of classes at PBO and to continue to read/listen/write/speak Spanish every day.

Almost! Duolingo is easy. The listening takes some planning 🙂

I have a reminder on my phone so every day I take about fifteen to twenty minutes and work on different spanish activities. I haven’t found it a “habit” yet (since it’s out of the norm for me to practice a at a certain time for a set time), however, it is helpful and has kept me fresh on words that tend to slip throught the weeks! 🙂

I always think I already practice enough every week until I start one of these challenges. Then I realize I really don’t practice actively everyday. So, I have been trying to make Spanish practice part of my daily routine and have been able to keep it up so far. However, I am not yet on a very set schedule, which I feel is making it harder. Will try to work on that for next week.

It was good. I was really proud of myself for getting it in every day even though I was traveling for work. Having the option to do the conversación del día instead of Duolingo made it easy also. It takes a lot longer to get 20 points on Duolingo now that they’ve updated the app. 🙂

We started with 9 students and after one week we are at 8.

Congratulations to the students who are still in it:


Aly B


“Ana” – Anne M

Stephany F

Nikki S

Jeffrey T


Katie O


“Jederita” / Heather S

Carolina F