Weekly Tip: Lean the other way in Spanish class!

Weekly Tip: Lean the other way in Spanish class!

In life most of us lean more towards speaking or listening. This is not a bad thing, but if you’re learning a language, it can pose a challenge.

For example, if you’re a big talker, you will develop your speaking skills easily, but may have a hard time understanding others.

If you are a listener, you will probably understand most of what people are saying to you, but may not be able to respond.

My recommendation is to change it up a bit in Spanish class. If you tend to be quiet and listen the majority of the time, try to participate more actively in class. If you tend to speak a lot, try to let others do the majority of the speaking, so that you can develop your listening skills.

A balance of the 2 is optimal, but if you tend to lean heavily towards one, try changing it up in Spanish class  🙂  You will see dramatic changes in your skills in a few months!