90 Day Spanish Bootcamp Winners!!!

90 Day Spanish Bootcamp Winners!!!

I would like to congratulate the 5 dedicated ladies that completed the 90 Day Spanish Bootcamp yesterday!

Alison C – A1 – Thu @ 4:30pm
Peggy S – B3 – Wed @ 4:30pm
Heather S – B3 – Thu @ 6:45pm
Kathy C – B3.5 – Thu @ 4:30pm
Jane U – C1 – Thu @ 2pm

We started with 18 participants 91 days ago and finished with 5!

That’s the highest percentage in all the years we have done it!

What it involved:

1 – Coming to class every week. Making class a priority. Working everything else into your schedule around your Spanish classes.
In case it is absolutely necessary to miss a class, it must be made up the week before or the week after you miss it. No exceptions.

2 – Participating in la conversación del día on Facebook – OR – practicing on DuoLingo (and getting at least 20 points)…every single day. There is no doubling up and answering 2 conversations in one day or racking up 40 DuoLingo points in 2 days. This must be done every, single day for 90 days.

3 – Doing the “optional” homework every week. If you take the challenge, the homework is no longer optional.

4 – Reading the weekly tip in the blog every week.

5 – Attending 2 of the 3 social club events in June, July and/or August.

6 – Speaking and/or listening to Spanish for 15 minutes every day. You can watch a telenovela, a movie, listen to a podcast, talk to a friend, talk to people in restaurants or at work who speak Spanish, talk to yourself, whatever. But you must practice speaking and or listening for 15 minutes every day. We recommend that you work on your weakness rather than your strength.

The challenge started on 6/3/15 and ended on 8/31/15.

Here are a few words from 3 of our 5 fabulous ladies:

Spanish Bootcamp has been a good experience. I’m so glad I accomplished it. I’ve wanted to do it in the past but it was always offered during a time I was out of the country. I would definitely recommend Spanish Bootcamp to other students who want to take their Spanish skills up a notch. I learned it’s not difficult to speak Spanish at least 15 min every day. Just make it part of your routine. I also learned about the crazy world of telenovelas.

El conversión del día vale la pena para mi. Es obvio que hago mucho errores cuando escribir y sé que los hago cuando hablar.

Estoy tan contenta que he completado con éxito el 90 Day Boot Camp. Aprendí mucho. En los últimos tres meses he…
•leído 5 novelas (incluyendo un poco cada noche en voz alta)
•mirado 54 capítulos de ~Gran Hotel’ y 20 de ~Betty La Fea’
•terminado Duolingo por segunda vez (este tiempo con ojos cerrados porque necesito mejorar mi capacidad de escuchar)
•terminado la sección de ~grammar’ en StudySpanish.com
•escuchado solamente a las estaciones Latinas en mi coche (y aprendido muchas canciones nuevas ϑ)
•pasado 7 días en México (San José del Cabo y Tecate) donde hablé con confianza
•hablado con la ama de llaves de mi vecina y el jardinero a mi oficina en cada oportunidad
•escrito cartas a mi amiga en Guatemala
•respondido a 90 ~preguntas del día’ en Facebook
•y mas!
Voy a continuar con todo excepto Facebook. Es mi menos favorita, pero ha sido muy útil. Gracias por toda la ayuda con español. Realmente lo agradezco.

¡Felicidades chicas!  Bien hecho 🙂