90 Day Spanish Bootcamp Progress Report – Week 9 (more than 2/3 there)!

90 Day Spanish Bootcamp Progress Report – Week 9 (more than 2/3 there)!

Congratulations to the 7 students that are still participating in the 90 Day Spanish Bootcamp!



Alison C


Ryan F


Carolina F

Heather S – “Jederita”

Peggy S


Kathy C


Jane U


We asked the participants to tell us their thoughts on completing more than 2/3 of the Bootcamp, and they said:

Camping this week and still making it work! Adelante,.

Feeling very positive!

I can understand podcast and tv a lot better than the start of the challenge but I’m still having issues speaking especially when I’m trying to use something ofter than the present tense.

The words are coming to me faster. I am enjoying the learning

I am speaking more spontaneously and understanding spoken Spanish better.
On days that I have no one to practice with I speak to myself. I’ve found I can even do this in public by pretending I’m on my iPhone. I’ve done this in the airport boarding area. Also I often practice in the morning after the gym. After my workout, I sit in my car in a shady spot and drink a cup of tea or coffee. I set my phone timer for 15 minutes and pretend I’m on the phone. Having the phone to my ear reminds me not to inadvertently lapse into thinking in Spanish and passersby don’t know I’m talking to myself.

(best comment ever!!!)