90 Day Bootcamp Progress Report – Week 6

90 Day Bootcamp Progress Report – Week 6

This is a very exciting week because our 1st Bootcamp participant has moved up a level!

Congratulations to Heather S., aka Jederita 🙂

Congratulations to the 9 students that made it more than half way through the Bootcamp!


Alison C

Stephany F


Ryan F


Carolina F

Heather S – “Jederita” – congratulations for moving up a level!!!

Jim A – “Diego”

Peggy S


Kathy C


Jane U


When we asked the participants what they think of the social club events, here is what they said:

– I think the social club events are great. It is nice to talk to new people at the events and to be able to speak informally.

– Por supuesto! The social events are a great way to speak with people both above and below my level.

– Hoy, el evento social a la casa de Carolina fue muy divertido. Ella y su casa son maravillosas. Disfruté todo. Las estudiantes y maestros siempre están tan amables y hablamos constantemente a todos los eventos que aprendo mucho. Pero también siempre estoy una poca agotada después de hablar en español por tanto tiempo. Pero es un agotamiento bueno.

– Me encantan los eventos sociales y la oportunidad de hablar en español. Hoy tuvimos una fiesta maravillosa en la casa de Carolina Finch. La Disfruté mucho.

– I love the event because it’s great to see people I haven’t seen in awhile. I enjoy talking with the teachers. It’s fun to speak Spanish in a social environment, especially in a private home where there isn’t a lot of ambient noise.

– It can be a little intimidating because I am still a beginner. I try to speak to people but I do find it hard. I do enjoy the people and the interaction and as u get better with my Spanish I am sure I will enjoy it more.

I would like to hear from anyone that thinks the events are intimidating and if you have any suggestions for making them less intimidating 🙂 Please feel free to email me @ caro@purabuenaonda.com