Weekly Tip: Things to avoid while learning a language!

Weekly Tip: Things to avoid while learning a language!

Every week we give you tips on what to do. This week we are going to make some recommendations on things to avoid when you’re learning a language ☺ ¿Listos?

1 – When you’re watching a movie, avoid subtitles in English whenever possible. When we can read in our primary language, we end up reading the entire movie, which does nothing for our Spanish.

2 – When you don’t know a word, avoid saying it in English. Every time you revert back to English, you are interrupting the flow and not allowing yourself to develop your description skills or to learn to think in Spanish. Try describing it, drawing it, acting it out, whatever you need to do…but avoid English unless you have exhausted all other options.

3 – When you’re corrected do not pass up the opportunity to go back and repeat what you said, correctly. This is how we learn and refine our Spanish.

4 – When you make a mistake, do not apologize or feel bad. You are in the process of learning an entirely new language, as an adult. That is not an easy task. Give yourself a break and do not beat yourself up!

5 – When you realize you don’t know how to say something, don’t get frustrated and think about all the things you do not know how to say. You may not realize it, but you don’t know everything in English either! Instead of focusing on what you didn’t know, 1) get excited that you just learned something new and 2) remember all the things you do know!

6 – When you have the opportunity to use your Spanish, no matter how small, do not pass it up!!! Every opportunity that presents itself is just one more opportunity to practice, learn and improve. Why in the world would you not take the chance? Because you’re terrified to speak in the real world? Guess what? You’re not going to die, kill anyone or be horribly disfigured if you make a mistake. Nothing bad is going to happen! So just do it!