90 day Spanish Bootcamp Progress – Week 4

90 day Spanish Bootcamp Progress – Week 4

When I asked the 90 day Spanish Bootcamp participants what exactly their routine was and if they were running into any challenges, this is what they said (I bolded some things that I think would be useful to anyone):

My plan is going very well so far. I have been able to attend class twice a week for two weeks in a row, and have also added a more casual weekly conversation to my schedule. On the other days, I listen to Spanish for more than fifteen minutes and really try to understand what is being said, instead of just listening passively. It has become easy to fit in Duolingo as part of my daily routine now.

Plan going better than I expected. We had a family situation arise on a couple of fronts. This is relevant, because on my in-law side there is a strong preference of Spanish. In discussing these family issues i was forced to listen and speak Spanish on more than 1 occasion.

Yes I do my duo lingo every morning first thing in the morning.

Estoy escuchando mucho pero todavía tengo problemas con comprensión cuando la gente habla rápido. Pero tengo paciencia!

Todo marcha bien. Estoy haciendo Duolingo por una segunda vez con mis ojos cerrados para escuchar mejor y también estoy repitiendo los capítulos de gramática en StudySpanish.com. Miro Soy Betty La Fea cada día en YouTube y escucho la radio en mi coche solamente en español. Leo una novela en español cada noche antes de dormir. Por último, hablo con la criada de mi vecina cuando puedo. Si no mejoro, no es ciertamente por falta de intención.

I am still no confident in my speaking. I am getting more comfortable but I still need to work on that.

Congratulations to the 11 students still participating:


Alison C

Stephany F


Beth K

Ryan F


Michael N


Heather S – “Jederita”


Carolina F

Jim A – “Diego”

Peggy S


Kathy C


Jane U