90 Day Spanish Bootcamp Progress Report – Week 3

Last week we asked the students what their weakness was in Spanish;

where they wanted to put their focus

during the remaining weeks of the 90 day challenge.

This week we asked them how exactly they were going to do that.

Here are their comments:

i will attempt to force myself to speak Spanish. i was ordering in Subway and sandwich artist’s first language was clearly Spanish. I began to order in Spanish but she would always answer/ask what I wanted in English. I could have taken this one of two ways. My Spanish was that bad that she did not want to acknowledge me. Or she was simply trying to assimilate/acclimate herself to the English language and that is how she improves her English. (That is actually how i took it)

I’m having a lot of trouble listening and comprehending conversations and podcasts. More practice listening I guess

Me encanta participar en este programa. Es mi tercera vez en hacerlo. Me hace enfocarme en varias facetas del idioma y del proceso de aprenderlo. Hablo mas, leo mas, escucho mas y pienso mas en español; es como una aventura de inmersión. Por cierto, he descubrido el spanish podcast que Caro nos recomendió y me encantan sus varias lecciones. Estoy aprendiendo mucho de este sitio.

I speak with myself every day (in both Spanish & English 🙂
I speak with a native speaker 2 hours per week.
I try to to get together with one or two students one hour per week

My weakness is verb conjugation, so I am using duo lingo every day focusing on verb conjugation exercises

Tengo que seguir escribiendo y hablando!

I know I need to work on actually speaking Spanish. But right now, I feel most comfortable doing that in class so I plan to come to class twice per week whenever possible. In the meantime, I try to do a lot of my thinking in Spanish, or at least I attempt to translate my thoughts from English to Spanish whenever possible. Since I am also trying to work on comprehension, I find it helpful to listen to music in Spanish and see how much I can understand. I am also translating some songs so that I can sing along. Finally I am still working with Duolingo for vocabulary, etc., and when I get a bit more confident I will begin to take those skills to Facebook. I’ve never been very good at picking one specific thing to work on! Instead, I am trying to practice in all areas.

To improve my vocabulary in areas i would use more in my life i am upping my reading game. I’ve always read the news but have been reading more history and fiction, and read in topics related to work.

I am making the commitment to speak Spanish with co workers, family members or even to my self. I know the words but need to practice speaking with others so th works form more quickly.

Congratulations to the remaining participants:


Alison C

Stephany F


Beth K

Ryan F


Katie K

Michael N


Heather S – “Jederita”


Carolina F

Jim A – “Diego”

Peggy S


Kathy C


Jane U