Weekly Tip: Stop and repeat

Weekly Tip: Stop and repeat

I’m assuming that the reason you all take classes is because you want to improve your Spanish, right? There is one thing that many students do not do, that is crucial for improving. That is to stop and repeat when you’ve been corrected. If you don’t, you will still learn new vocabulary and become more comfortable speaking, but your actual Spanish will not improve if you do not take the time to correct your mistakes.

Oftentimes when we’re in class, the conversation is great! We’re having fun, we’re laughing or discussing something really interesting. It feels like we’re with a group of friends and that we’re just hanging out chatting. This is exactly the atmosphere that we wanted to create, but please remember that it is a class. When the teacher corrects you, it is for your benefit, not theirs. It’s ok to stop mid sentence, go back and repeat what you said correctly and then to keep going. It’s not going to ruin the conversation!

One other thing I would like to point out, is that this is how you improve in a conversation class. We do not do 800 book exercises, we talk, so repeating when you’ve been corrected is the only way that your Spanish will improve!

Do you take the time to repeat when you’ve been corrected?