90 Day Spanish Bootcamp Progress Report – Week 2

Week 2 we lost another student 😦

They say that it takes 21 days to form a habit, which is why we often lose people in the 1st three weeks.  If you can make it to 21 days, you are much more likely to make it through the 90 days!

We have 15 students continuing on at this point.

Here are a few comments about what the students want to work on during the next 76 days of the challenge:

– Speaking. I’ll have to block out the mental aspect of it and how I feel that I sound so terrible and i don’t want to embarrass myself.  (Said by a student that sounds great by the way!)

– Grammar and understanding what I am hearing even when the context is somewhat unclear.

– My goals for the rest of the boot camp is speaking and grammar. I’m looking forward to making progress on that front.

– Necesito hablar más.

– Conjugación de verbos

– I need to work on my speaking. I am timid when it comes to speaking and I need to be more confident.

– Necesito mucho más fluidez cuando hable y menos errores cuando haga la conversación del día!

– I thought that I needed to work on speaking most, but I have realized that I also find it difficult to understand native speakers when they speak at a normal pace. So I am going to try to work on both equally if possible. I also need to work on grammar and vocabulary though! For now I think I am still trying to find out my weaknesses, but it is getting easier, and I can already see myself improving. Looking forward to finding out more.

Continuing in the 90 Day Bootcamp are:


Alison C

Stephany F

Stephenie A


Beth K

Ryan F


Ashley W

Katie K

Michael N


Heather S – “Jederita”

Jessica S


Carolina F

Jim A – “Diego”

Peggy S


Kathy C


Jane U