Bootcamp Update 6/10/15

Week one of PBO’s Spanish Bootcamp was a success!

We still have 16 of 17 students that started!


Here are a few comments they shared for their experience so far:

So far, I am surprised at how easy it has been to fit Spanish into my daily routine. I now have a set schedule that has only been disrupted on the weekends, but I have more time those days to not have everything so scheduled. I notice that so far I am spending more than the bare minimum of time listening or speaking and also doing more than the requirement on Duolingo. Hopefully I can keep it up!


I was able to figure out a schedule. I am trying to speak for 15 minutes each day rather than listening. So far so good.

The first 5 days were fairly the same as what i was doing previously. The Facebook posts are new, but i was doing Rosetta Stone (instead of DuoLingo) and I have Spanish spoken to me and hear it every day in my home, so finding 15 minutes to practice was not difficult. At least one of the TVs in the house is usually tuned into a Spanish program. i just need to improve from a speaking standpoint.

Me gusta la conversacion del dia porque me ayuda ver mis errores.


Continuing in the 90 Day Bootcamp are:


Alison C

Stephany F

Stephenie A


Beth K

Ryan F


Ashley W

Katie K

Michael N


Heather S – “Jederita”

Jessica S


Carolina F

Jim A – “Diego”

Peggy S


Cheryl D
Kathy C


Jane U