Weekly Tip: Focus on your weaknesses!

Weekly Tip: Focus on your weaknesses!

There are many different ways to practice a language. You can read, write, listen, speak, work on grammar exercises, etc.

Many students find 1 or 2 things that they like to do and stick to those. What happens after a while is that you strengthen a certain skill. For example, if you like to read and you’ve been dedicating a lot of time to reading in the last year, your vocabulary has probably become a strength. Vocabulary is a very important part of learning a language, so that is fantastic! But what if your weakness is not understanding native speakers? Reading can help by strengthening your vocabulary, but what would help tremendously is listening to the language through podcasts, tv shows, movies, etc.

When you continue to work on your strengths, you get incredibly good at one aspect of the language, but the others suffer. To move into the next level, you need to be fairly well-rounded in all aspects of the language.

So ask yourself – What are my weaknesses?

Do I need more vocabulary? Does my grammar suck? Do I get tripped up when I try to speak? Do I not understand native speakers? Does my pronunciation make it difficult for native speakers to understand me?  What is it that is keeping me from becoming a well-rounded Spanish speaker in my level, that will allow me to move into the next level? When you have your answer, work on that!

If you’re not sure where your strengths and weaknesses lie for your level, there is an option for an evaluation through Pura Buena Onda. There is a basic one for $12 and a detailed one for $30. Of course many of you know what you need to do, it’s just a matter of doing it 🙂