Weekly Tip – 1/23/15 – Be consistent!

Weekly Tip: Be consistent!

Studying a language is much like staying fit. It’s something that you need to be consistent with, otherwise your progress will be extremely slow.

When you come to class with us once a week, it’s like working out with a personal trainer in the gym, once a week. We help to guide you on your language learning journey, we help you with corrections, we teach you new vocabulary, we help you improve your speaking and listening skills, we help you become more comfortable with the language and we give you new resources to keep it interesting and fun. But if you don’t “work out” (practice your Spanish) between classes and use what you have learned in class, you will most likely become discouraged with your very slow progress.

At PBO we encourage you to do the weekly homework, practice your Spanish for 10-15 minutes daily and attend our monthly social club events. If you have more time, you can even attend more than one class per week. The important thing is to be consistent so that you will progress at a steady pace  🙂