Weekly Tip – 1/16/15

Weekly Tip:

Conversation classes are quite different than typical language classes.

In a conversation class the point is to engage in conversation with everyone in the class, not just with your teacher. That means that the best classes are the ones where the students interact with each other by commenting and asking questions. It keeps everyone engaged, interested and present. When you are fully present in class, for the whole 90 minutes (not just when YOU are speaking) you will get much more out of it. Think of it as being with a group of friends…you wouldn’t raise your hand to make a comment, you wouldn’t only ask questions of one friend and ignore the others, right? No, you would stay present, listen to what everyone has to say and comment when you have something to say. That’s exactly what we want you to do here!

We hope that you find PBO’s conversation classes fun, informative, useful, un-intimidating and a pleasure to attend 🙂