Weekly Tip – 10/23/14

Weekly Tip:

Requested tip from a student:

Good ways to remember verb conjugations


Response from Caro:

If you’ve been in class this week you will have learned that one of the best ways to remember verb conjugations is through music. Learning to sign a song is an excellent way to remember the conjugations without having to memorize them using flashcards, for example. It’s a lot more fun too. Here are a few websites that use songs to teach grammar:




Another way to remember conjugations is by making it personal. For example, if I wanted to learn the imperfect conjugations for cocinar, I could come up with a sentence for each one that is true:

Por ejemplo:

Cuando era más joven, yo no cocinaba.

¿Tú (I’m taking to you!) cocinabas cuando eras más joven?

Ella, mi prima Trinidad, siempre cocinaba arroz con curry.

Nosotras, mi amiga Scarlett y yo, cocinábamos una libra de tocino cada vez que estábamos juntas 🙂

Ellos, mis padres, siempre cocinaban muy bien.

The main way to learn conjugations is by using them all the time. I usually recommend to everyone that they participate in the Facebook conversación del día to practice all of their conjugations and to learn vocabulary.


I hope that helps 🙂