Weekly Tip – 10/16/14

Weekly Tip:

Question from a student:

Suggested subjects or possible areas of grammar to cogen when speaking on Skype or in person (at an intercambio) with a native speaker


Response from Caro:

I’m not quite sure what “cogen” means (maybe cover??? – in Spanish it has quite a different meaning 🙂 ), but I can definitely give some suggestions for conversation topics and grammar topics.

The questions are all ready for you to use – 7 different questions per week and we’ve been doing this for years. There is a lot to choose from.

Here are some other sites that may help you as well:

  • As far as grammar to cover, that’s a tough one because if you’re doing a language exchange, most “regular people” don’t know the grammar rules. What you could do is research rules for the grammar you want to cover – for example: the subjunctive is used to express doubt – and then make up questions that would express doubt. Or if you want to practice the preterit, you could make up questions about things that happened at a specific point in time.

Here are some sites where you can find the grammar rules:

On a different note, doing a conversation exchange is a wonderful way to practice your Spanish! I highly recommend it!