90 Day Bootcamp Progress: Week 11!!!

I can’t believe it…11 students have hung in there for 77 days so far!  That is more than we have had any other year at this point of the Bootcamp!  Way to go guys!

They have attended class, done the optional homework and read the weekly tip in the blog each week!

They have answered the conversación del día on Facebook or gotten 20 points on DuoLingo every day!

They have spoken Spanish or listened to Spanish every day for 15 minutes!

They have attended 2 of the 3 events in either July, August or September!

They have done everything we have asked of them and only have 11 more days to finish this challenge!

I would also like to share a note that I received form Starlene, one of the participants.  This made my day:

“I can’t believe there is only 13 days left. The great part is that I feel I am now in the habit and will continue these activities on a daily and weekly basis.”  
I am so excited that Starlene will continue!  These participants have already made a nice dent in their Spanish in 90 days.  Imagine what can be done in 6 months or a year when you put consistent effort it!!!

Felicidades a…

advanced beginner/intermediate 1

Meg L – viernes @ 10am


intermediate 2

Lynn N – martes @ 4:30pm


intermediate 2/3

Bárbara S – viernes @ 2pm

Heather S – martes @ 6:30pm

John H – lunes @ 3:30pm

Marilyn H – viernes @ 2pm

Starlene D – lunes @ 3:30pm


intermediate 3

Carolina F – martes @ 10 am y viernes @ 2pm

Jim A – martes @ 6:30pm

Kathy C – miércoles @ 4:30pm

Terri H – miércoles @ 4:30pm