90 Day Bootcamp Progress: Week 9

When we asked the remaining 90 Day Spanish Bootcamp Participants to tell us any changes or improvements that they have noticed after 2 months of the challenge, this is what they said:

From the ladies:

I feel much less hesitant to start speaking in Spanish. I find myself thinking in Spanish, or thinking about how to say things in Spanish throughout the day. my comprehension of my classmates reading Spanish in class is much improved. My vocabulary is coming to me a little bit more readily. When I watch/listen to Spanish TV, I’m getting more of it. I feel more confident in my ability to improve! I feel a dramatic difference, although I have a long way to go.

Writing daily on FB has been very helpful as has reading others entries. Also, attending the PBO parties is an excellent way to continue to gain confidence in speaking and to meet students of all levels.

I definitely feel a positive change. My vocabulary is better and I’m more comfortable carrying on a conversation in Spanish.

Mi vocabulario es más grande. Puedo usar palabras y expresiones que aprendí de DuoLingo o de mis telanovelas. A veces frases aparecen en mi mente y yo sé que son correctas. Mis amigas que han hablado español toda sus vidas me dicen que hablo mejor que antes. Puedo entender un poco más de mis telanovelas, y de vez en cuando puedo usar expresiones que aprendí de las telanovelas. Leo un poco, pero pienso que oir la lengua es mas importante para mí porque no puedo oir bien, y ahora puedo pensar en la conversacion un poco y puedo saber un poco más.

My listening comprehension has improved a lot as I listen to the podcasts on Spanish Obsessed, Radio Ambulante and my telenovela. When I read my daily devotion in Spanish I have fewer words to look up each day. I am able to move around more easily and correctly in the tenses and I’m not as confused with the direct and indirect objects. I feel as though I have made huge strides since starting Bootcamp this year. Thank you for presenting the challenge to us!

Definitely confidence, writing comes much easier, and the other day while at the museum I found I was reading all the information in Spanish throughout without even being aware of it! LOVE PBO!

When I have to be accountable I figure out a way to incorporate these activities into my daily routine. Otherwise the day goes by and before you know it I realize, “oh , I never practiced Spanish today, and now I’m too tired”.

Esto es divertido. Además de las actividades anteriores, estoy trabajando en mi gramática. No sé si estoy mejorando, pero espero que sí.

Duolingo and blog are very helpful.

From the guys (hilarious):

Hablo y entiendo mejor

Pienso, leo, hablo…me siento inmerso en el idioma.

A big congratulations to the remaining 12 participants!

12 is my lucky number, so I would be thrilled if you all made it this year – we’ve never finished with more than 6!

Less than a month to go chicos!!!!!

advanced beginner/intermediate 1

Meg L – viernes @ 10am

intermediate 2

Lynn N – martes @ 4:30pm

intermediate 2/3

Bárbara S – viernes @ 2pm

Heather S – martes @ 6:30pm

John H – lunes @ 3:30pm

Lyn M – lunes @ 3:30pm

Marilyn H – viernes @ 2pm

Starlene D – lunes @ 3:30pm

intermediate 3

Carolina F – martes @ 10 am y viernes @ 2pm

Jim A – martes @ 6:30pm

Kathy C – miércoles @ 4:30pm

Terri H – miércoles @ 4:30pm