Weekly Tip & Optional Homework Week of 9/1 for week of 9/8/14

Weekly Tip:

Goal written by PBO student: “Dejar de compararme a otros estudiantes.”


I think that it’s pretty “normal” to compare yourself to other people, although it can be pretty destructive on many levels 😦 In this type of a class it’s especially dangerous because you’re all in your level for a different reason. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, so when you compare yourself to another student, you may think “his vocabulary is so much better than mine” but you may be one of the students who is gifted with being able to communicate extremely well with a smaller vocabulary. Or you may think “his grammar is so much better than mine” but you may be able to communicate with more fluidity and a beautiful accent. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses and everyone is in their level for a different reason.

What I would recommend is figuring out your main goal (excellent grammar or excellent communication skills) and then work on your weaknesses one at a time. If you’re not sure where to start, you may want to ask your teacher what he/she would recommend as an area of focus. But please, don’t compare yourself to others! We are all unique and wonderful in our own way 🙂


Optional Homework

The optional homework this week

(Tue, Wed, Thu)

…is to learn 3 new adjectives and use them in a sentence that is somehow related to your life (nothing made up). Next week you can bring them to class and share them.

Por ejemplo: listo(a) – Los cómicos del programa Whose Line Is it Anyway? son tan listos. No tengo la menor idea de cómo pueden pensar en cosas tan chistosas tan rápido. Me encanta este programa 🙂

Here are a few places to find some new adjectives:





(Mon, Fri, Sat)

…is to bring 3 things for show-n-tell. Next week we want you to describe the things you brought in detail, in order to practice description. When you describe them the other students will close their eyes and imagine it. After your description the other students will open their eyes and the class can compare the actual object to what they imagined.

Por ejemplo: If Carolina were to describe the picture in her office, she could say something like:

Es una foto que debe medir más o menos 3 pies x 2 pies. La foto es de una monja joven, sentada en un inodoro, pensando. La monja tiene una mano encima de la otra y un pie lo tiene balanceado en el tacón del zapato. Tiene un hábito puesto, pero con medias rojas. La mayoría de la foto es en blanco y negro, pero sus ojos son azules, el piso verde y las medias son rojas. A su izquierda hay papel higiénico y detrás de ella unas repisas de metal. La monja tiene una mirada que me hace pensar que ya no quiere ser monja.

And that is how you will describe your 3 objects (btw, pictures are probably the easiest thing to bring, but it can be anything that is not alive or dead 🙂