Weekly Tip & Optional Homework Week of 8/25 for week of 9/1/14

Weekly Tip:

Goal written by PBO student: “Hablar muy rápido (como cuando volví de España hace un año).”


Speaking quickly comes from a few places:

1 – Thinking in Spanish – not translating

2 – Having a decent amount of vocabulary and knowing how to get around the vocab you don’t know (like the game we played in class this week)

3 – Making communication your priority which means not being afraid to make mistakes and letting go of speaking perfectly


So how do you get to this place? I think you all know what I’m going to say – it’s using the language every chance you get. It’s really that simple. The reason that this student was so fluid when she came back from Spain is simply because she was exposed to the language all day, every day. If you expose yourself to the language several times per day for at least 15 minutes, you will become fluid as well.


For those of you that are short on time, here are a few things that you can do to squeeze it in:

Listen to Spanish radio while you’re getting ready in the am (I actually watch my telenovela on my ipad while I’m getting ready)

Listen to podcasts anytime you drive anywhere (love radioambulante.org)

Talk to yourself in Spanish – whatever you’re thinking, say it out loud and in Spanish

Use a tablet or a laptop to watch/listen to a series in Spanish while you’re ironing, cooking, cleaning, whatever.

Write your to-do lists and grocery lists in Spanish

Use the ATM and automatic checkout stands in Spanish

There are really a million other things you can do as well, but this should be a good start.



Optional Homework

The optional homework this week… 

(Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu)

…is to bring 3 things for show-n-tell. Next week we want you to describe the things you brought in detail, in order to practice description. When you describe them the other students will close their eyes and imagine it. After your description the other students will open their eyes and the class can compare the actual object to what they imagined.

Por ejemplo: If Carolina were to describe the picture in her office, she could say something like:

Es una foto que debe medir más o menos 3 pies x 2 pies. La foto es de una monja joven, sentada en un inodoro, pensando. La monja tiene una mano encima de la otra y un pie lo tiene balanceado en el tacón del zapato. Tiene un hábito puesto, pero con medias rojas. La mayoría de la foto es en blanco y negro, pero sus ojos son azules, el piso verde y las medias son rojas. A su izquierda hay papel higiénico y detrás de ella unas repisas de metal. La monja tiene una mirada que me hace pensar que ya no quiere ser monja.

And that is how you will describe your 3 objects (btw, pictures are probably the easiest thing to bring, but it can be anything that is not alive or dead 🙂

(Fri, Sat)

…is to listen to 3 songs. Next week you will vote for your favorite and in a few weeks we will sing the winning song.

Volví a Nacer – de Carlos Vives – favorita de Lalo – Volví a Nacer

Mi Historia Entre tus Dedos – Gianluca Grignani – Mi Historia Entre tus Dedos

Gaviota – de Lik – favorita de Lore – Gaviota