It’s here, it’s here!


There is nothing fast about language learning, but when you make it a priority, it’s amazing how much you can accomplish in only 3 – 6 months. This is why every year Pura Buena Onda challenges it’s students to take our 90-day challenge.

If you want to make a significant dent in your Spanish, participate in our 90 day Spanish Bootcamp! Only the most motivated will make it! Will you be one of the few, one of the elite? Vamos a ver…


 What it involves:

1 – Coming to class every week. Making class a priority. Working everything else into your schedule around your Spanish classes.

In case it is absolutely necessary to miss a class, it must be made up the week before or the week after you miss it. No exceptions.


2 – Participating in la conversación del día on Facebook – OR – practicing on DuoLingo (and getting at least 20 points)…every single day. There is no doubling up and answering 2 conversations in one day or racking up 40 DuoLingo points in 1 day. This must be done every, single day for 90 days.


3 – Doing the “optional” homework every week. If you take the challenge, the homework is no longer optional.


4 – Reading the weekly tip in the blog every week.


5 – Attending 2 of the 3 social club events in July, August and/or September.


6 – Speaking and/or listening to Spanish for 15 minutes every day. You can watch a telenovela, a movie, listen to a podcast, talk to a friend, talk to people in restaurants or at work who speak Spanish, talk to yourself, whatever. But you must practice speaking and or listening for 15 minutes every day. We recommend that you work on your weakness rather than your strength.


The challenge start on 7/14/14 and ends on 10/11/14.


That’s it. We’re going to give you a week to think about it, since it’s quite a commitment. If you want to do it, we will have a sign up sheet next week. And if you want to read the comments from the students who finished the challenge last year, see below.


And “what’s the prize?” someone always asks…completing it! What else? It’s like running a Spanish marathon! The satisfaction, the progress, that’s your prize 🙂


90 day challenge – 2013 comments


Where did you feel the most improvement?  

  • I definitely feel like the challenge helped me a lot. It made me more confident to speak in class and the regularity kept me on a good path to make progress. The writing component on Facebook was new and worthwhile because we don’t do much of it in class. I still think I could improve with my speaking. Perhaps a daily verbal component could be added next year?
  • Creo que el 90 day challenge me ha ayudado un monton.  Me gusta hacer algo cada dia para estudiar y mejorar, y me gusta que el challenge me dio una rutina.
  • I really loved it.  The telenovela actually motivates me to exercise; I might have skipped riding the bike for an hour had I not been dying to find out what happened.  I guess I will be watching for the rest of time.  I know I understand more than I did; I need to study tenses again.  Stuff I knew, I’m mixing up, but I still understand so much more and have a better vocabulary. 
  • I increased my vocabulary quite a bit.  And listening to the telenovelas helped me to hear the language and improved my comprehension of the spoken language.  Probably most importantly I have a greater awareness of my weaknesses.  They are gender consistency and verb conjugation.  
  • Para mí, la mejor cosa sobre el reto de 90 días fue la pregunta del día, lo que mejoró mi escritura y vocabulario.



As for the benefits of the challenge?

  • Increased my vocabulary because I was reading everyday…the change over the weeks was evident as my comprehension improved and I had to look up fewer words.
  • Because I listened to the radio in Spanish, I can now hear the individual words better.  Even though I may not know some of the words, I am better able to hear the individual words and many times can get the main point of the announcement or the interview.
  • Doing the daily conversation helped me focus on the learning the different tenses accurately and Having the teachers do the example helped me to begin to see the way native would say things!
  • The weekly homework gave me something to work on and expanded my weekly studies in new and fun ways…. Like watching videos, listening to music, reading web pages, etc.  Most of these assignments helped me to prepare to something to talk about in class and this helped me with my confidence in speaking.
  • Attending the PBO Social Club provided a great way to practice my conversation skills in a social setting.  this is still an area that I feel I am weak in….the everyday chit chat.  I look forward to attending overtime I can in the future.
  • The timing for this challenge was perfect for me.  Yesterday I returned from 12 days in Peru and everything that improved during the 90 day challenge was put to good use there. Many natives complimented me on my Spanish and I felt confident that I could understand and communicate when I needed to!  The last few days of my trip I didn’t use my Spanish quite as much and I could tell the difference just in those few days.  This helped me to recognize the importance of keeping up the practices of the 90 day challenge everyday!
  • There was no particular area I felt the most improved.  I have so much to learn – vocabulary, grammar, speaking and listening (understanding) skills, and about equal amounts of each of these, that there is not one of those areas that has noticeably improved disproportionately more than the others.  I do read a lot of Spanish, probably more than an hour each day, mostly online newspapers, so my reading skills have greatly improved.  For example, I keep a notebook wherein I write new words I come upon in my reading, for which I write the translations.  Now I don’t need to write as many words in my notebook from these articles because I know the meaning of more words and phrases.



Please tell me how you feel having made it through the 90 day challenge.  Where did you feel the most improvement?  

  • Thinking in Spanish when I wasn’t even trying.
  • Becoming more natural.
  • I’m proud of myself!  The conversations of the day I think gave me more opportunities for real-life conversations.  I’ve learned a lot of new words. Thanks, Caro!
  • I made it! I’d say the biggest thing / reward has been that Spanish seems closer within reach when I try to access it. Meaning, I don’t have to think so much to translate what I want to say in my head before I speak. I feel like my Spanish has improved.
  • Thanks PBO for the supportive and fun way to learn Spanish!