Weekly Tip & Optional Homework Week of 6/16 for week of 6/23/14

Weekly Tip:

Goal written by one of PBO’s Students: “Avanzar de nivel.”


Moving up a level is a common goal because many students measure progress this way. While it is a good measure of progress, it can sometimes be discouraging if it’s your only measurement.

Let me give you an idea of what you’re looking at:

It takes the average person a year to get to a very advanced or fluent level if they live in a foreign country and are exposed to and speaking Spanish at least 12 hours a day.

365 days x 12 hours/day = 4380 hours of Spanish

Now PBO has 6 levels (if we don’t count the half levels) of Spanish. If we offered classes for beginners, there would be 7. Let’s do the math:

4380 hours / 7 levels = 626 hours per level

If you come to class every week and do nothing else, it should technically take you between 8-10 years to move up a level 😦 Depressing, right? But, if you spend 15 minutes on your Spanish every day + attend class every week, it should technically take you 3-4 years – amazing how much time that cuts off, isn’t it? And if you come to class every week + spend 15 minutes on your Spanish daily + watch a movie every week, it should technically take you 2-3 years. The point is that the more time you put in to your Spanish, the faster you will progress.

Now, all that being said, learning a language is a lifelong adventure. Think of it like learning to play the guitar. Just because you’re not Jimi Hendrix doesn’t mean that you can’t play music and enjoy the experience. It also doesn’t mean that you can’t get to Eric Clapton or Jerry Garcia level someday if you keep practicing. They didn’t become amazing guitar players in 2 years either! The important part is to remember that you’re learning something every, single time that you practice. So sit back and enjoy the ride. Be patient and proud of how far you’ve come. You will get there someday…and the pace is up to you 🙂

Optional Homework

The optional homework is to write a list of 3-5 things that happen to you this week and the feelings and reactions they cause.

Por ejemplo:

–       el sábado asistí al evento de PBO – me encantó

–       el martes no funcionaba el internet en mi casa y tuve que llamar a Cox – me carga esta compañía

–       la semana pasada me tuve que despedir de Taryn, una estudiante que se va a Stanford, y como la adoro se me hizo difícil despedirme 😦

Next week we will ask you to read the list to us in class.