Weekly Tip & Optional Homework Week of 5/12 for week of 5/19

Weekly Tip:

Goal written by one of PBO’s Students: “Hablar más rápido”


If you want to speak at a faster pace it means that you need to be more comfortable with the language. One thing I will recommend though is not speaking a foreign language like it’s a race. Most people have an accent and make mistakes when they speak a foreign language. When you add that to speaking very fast it becomes difficult to understand. So speaking with fluidity is definitely a good thing, but remember not to go TOO fast. One or 2 paces slower than you speak your 1st language usually works.

Things that will slow you down:

–       Conjugating while you’re speaking

–       Lack of vocabulary

–       Translating in your head

–       Trying to express yourself exactly as you would in your first language

–       Trying to speak perfectly

Things that will help you improve your fluidity:

–       Reading out loud – getting used to hearing your own voice in Spanish – this will help you become more comfortable and expand your vocabulary which will also allow you to communicate with more fluidity.

–       Speaking to yourself out loud – apart from becoming more comfortable hearing your own voice in Spanish this will also help you expand the vocabulary that is pertinent to you in your life (if you take the time to make a list of the vocab you didn’t know and look it up later)

–       Practicing every, single day for a minimum of 10-15 minutes (out loud)

–       Expressing yourself with the words you already know rather than going back to English (going back to English may seem faster now but when you’re in a situation where others don’t speak English this won’t be an option & at that time your lack of ability to speak around vocabulary you don’t know will be very apparent and will slow things down big time).

–       Acceptance of everything that is involved with learning a foreign language, especially that you’re not going to speak it perfectly. Put yourself out there and do your best! And remember that communication is the #1 priority, not speaking perfectly.

–       Most importantly, take every opportunity that is presented to you to speak Spanish. Spanish is EVERYWHERE in San Diego. We literally have opportunities every day. Take them! It will be scary at first but you will realize after 2-3 times that it’s not so bad…many of you will actually find it exhilarating!

Optional Homework

The optional homework is to spend 30 minutes or so exploring http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/spanish/.

For those of you that want more homework to learn faster, I would recommend spending 15 minutes on this site every day this week (5-7 days).