Weekly Tip & Optional Homework: Week of 3/17 for week of 3/24/14

Weekly Tip: 

Goal written by one of PBO’s Students:  “Tener conversaciones sin utilizar inglés.”


By the time you have reached Intermediate level 1, having conversations in 100% Spanish (no English mixed in) is actually up to you.

By the time you reach this level you have enough vocabulary to express just about anything…it’s just a matter of putting forth the time & effort it takes to communicate in 100% Spanish.

For example, if you don’t know how to say the word “quit” and you want to tell someone that you quit your job, you have 2 options:

option 1 – to mix in English – “Ayer yo quit mi trabajo.”

option 2 – use the vocabulary you have to explain the word quit – “Ayer le dije a mi jefe que no voy a trabajar más con su compañía.”

– With option #1 you’re still thinking in English.  At some point you will need to start thinking in Spanish & the easiest way to train your mind to do that is by not using English at all.

– With option #2 you’re expressing yourself perfectly in 100% Spanish & giving your teacher an opportunity to teach you a new word.  When they give you the correct word (in this case “renunciar a”) you can repeat the sentence with the word you just learned…all without the use of English.


Common excuses I hear to not use this method:

– I don’t want to hold the other students back & be the slow poke. 

Don’t worry about that.  You’re paying to come to classes to learn to speak Spanish & we, your teachers, are telling you that this is much more effective than option 1.

– It’s too hard.

It may be easier to throw the English in, but it’s way more effective to not use it.  And no one EVER said that learning a language is easy!!!  It’s challenging and time consuming, but it’s such an interesting and fun journey!  Enjoy it!

– It takes too long.

You know what takes a long time?  Learning a language.  And the more English you throw in, the longer it takes.  So if you’re thinking short term, go for the English, but if you’re thinking long term, stay in Spanish.

In 2 weeks we will be playing a game that will help you to develop these skills if you do not have them quite yet 🙂  And then after that we will “put you to the test” with a No Pic Inglich day 🙂


Optional Homework

The optional homework is to bring in 2 news topics for class next week.

The news can be about anything your little heart desires…sports, politics, gossip, local or international issues, funny, interesting, weird, controversial, whatever. 

You should know a little bit about your topic so that you can tell us about it.  But we will ask you to TELL us about it, not read us an article 🙂  Ok?  Ok!